We must share this statement from IMsLBB Producer Sharrin Spector


Dear IMsLBB Community,


 As a community, we are all being impacted by the evolving news on Covid-19. The production team is hearing your concerns and frustrations regarding the IMsLBB Weekend. I had hoped that there would a clear-cut government mandate by now that provided direction. Without that legal directive, I have been working with the hotel on a daily basis for a solution. Although we don't have all the details worked out, as of today, we are postponing the IMsLBB Weekend scheduled for April 16-20, 2020. It will take us at least a week to get the details on the postponement worked out. Then we will be able to provide concrete information on our path forward.


 We are working to keep everyone as safe as possible with the goal of having a event, even if that event requires significant adaptations. Please take care yourself and reach out virtually to other for support. We send our deepest gratitude to all of our community members working on the front lines of this pandemic. To us all, please take care of yourselves and those around you.


  Sharrin Spector

  Executive Producer IMsLBB


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